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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Breathe Deeply and Silently at Night

Breathe Deeply and Silently at Night

Most of us that have a difficult time with snoring don't think that we have a difficult time breathing deeply at night.  As a matter of fact, it may seem as though that we are breathing deeply whenever we are snoring but you would probably be surprised to find out that you are not getting enough air.  A common way that we have of recognizing this is if we are dealing with sleep apnea.  We may be taking very deep breaths that are rather noisy because of the snoring that we do but unfortunately, we have long periods of time between breaths where we are not breathing at all.  This is not only a frustrating situation for those that have to listen to it, it is a potentially life threatening situation for those that have to deal with it.

In order for you to overcome your snoring, you might need to teach yourself how to breathe deeply while you're not sleeping.  There are plenty of breathing exercises that can be done which will strengthen them as part of your body and help you to be able to breathe deeply and efficiently.  By teaching yourself how to do this during the day and exercising it regularly, you would be surprised with how much it will carry over into your sleep patterns.  It also helps if you get other types of exercise as well but deep breathing exercises are an excellent place for you to start.

Another thing that you might want to consider is the fact that many of us tend to breathe through our mouths whenever we are sleeping and not through our nose.  There are several things on the market right now which will help you to train yourself to breathe through your nose and that can reduce the amount of storing that you do considerably.  They are typically cloth braces that are worn over the head and help to support the chin and keep it from dropping open while we are sleeping.  Something that you may want to do while you are using one of these braces is to use a saline spray in your nostrils in order to help keep your sinuses clear.  This will help you in two different ways.  Not only will you be able to breathe through your nose while you're sleeping, but your nasal passages will be clear enough that you will be able to do so comfortably.

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